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            1. Chinese | English     
              Rice harvester chain product description:
              harvester chain  

              Rice harvester chain
              Brand Name :EDi
              Product Type: 3322,3325,3330,3358,3558
              Hardness :Quenching
              Style: new type third
              Product Series :Agricultural machinery chain
              Material :65Mn,Alloy steel, bearing steel
              Usage: rice harvesting machinery (Chinese Yanmar harvester, Kubota harvester), rice transplanting machinery, sowing machinery, peanut harvesting machinery and other agricultural machinery



              The chain benefits of our factory
              New message:

              Third generation to solve the defect of the short chain elongation, segment wear too fast, at the same time, the compound double pipe bite dead, stuck problem has been cracked, the third generation of harvester chain product compared with the traditional harvester chains, greatly extend its service life and brought good news for harvester chain durable use.

              An example of consulting / ordering of Locking Element:
              1) model: pitch + internal width

              2) unknown type: need to provide "pitch, inner width" or "chain tooth Angle"

              harvester chainharvester chain accessoriesThe chain articulated  

              The chain size of the harvester
              Page Down: 415 Lifting chain Page Up: The peanut harvester chain  
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