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              Major Producers: Unjversal Joints、Locking Element、Chains And Other Non-Standard Customized. EDi uphold: "technology leadership, quality-oriented, first-class service, the credibility of the first" purpose, strong technical team, high-quality, high-quality management create a complete product service system and quality tracking system to ensure users no worries.Let us sincere cooperation, work together for mutual benefit and create Albert CHAN and Exhibition ambitious, I hope you into the "EDi" Experience Our philosophy in cooperation.



              Address : Jinshan industrial zone, Shanghai, China.

              Tel.No.  : 86-021-56531160

              Fax No. : 86-021-51862040

              E-mail : postmaster@sh-edi.com

              Website : www.hjlyw.cn | www.sh-ed.cn


               Universal Joints  | Wsd Single Universal Joints l Wsd Double Universal JointsWsd Cross Cardan Joints  |  Ws Cross Cardan Joints |  Locking Element  |   Z2 Type Locking Element  | T3  Type Locking Element  |  T4 Type Locking Element   |  T5 Type Locking Element   |        T11 Type Locking Ele ment  |  T12 Type Locking Element   |   Chains   |   3325 Harvester Chains   |  3330 Harvester Chains   |
               415 Feeding Chain   |   Short Pitch Precision Roller Chains -A Series    |   Short Pitch Precision Roller Chains -B Series

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