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            1. Chinese | English     
              415 harvester chain-lifting chain product description:
              harvester chain,lifting chain   415 harvester chain-lifting chain
              Brand Name :EDi
              Product Model : 415
              Hardness :Quenching
              Product Series :Agricultural machinery chain
              Material :65Mn



              Typical applications:

              Name: chain | rice harvester chain | agricultural machinery chain
              Model: 415
              Inventory: spot
              Hardness: quenching
              Color: hair blue
              Material: 65 Mn steel
              Classification: with attachment | no attachment
              Application: rice harvesting machinery, long - field harvester, long - field harvester and other agricultural machinery chain

              An example of consulting / ordering of Locking Element:
              1) Type:
              2) Unknown model: need to provide "pitch, inner width"

              415 harvester chain  

              The chain size of the harvester
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